Why are staffing companies giving away their expertise for free? It’s time for a change.

Every day, staffing companies of all sizes give away one of their most important services for free — their expertise in recruiting.

The hard work of sourcing, screening, and evaluating talent for contingent roles is why clients work with staffing firms. And yet these same firms do not actually make any money on these recruitment practices.

So when do they make money? When their candidates are actually hired by clients. …

Term limits are more of a headache than an effective strategy to mitigate risk. There’s a much more effective way.

Chances are there is a contingent workforce in your organization. In fact, these non-employees are estimated to make up almost a third of the total workforce in the United States and are a significant portion of the workforce at most Fortune 500 companies. Today’s leading organizations view their contingent workforce as a strategic asset because it allows them to add specialized, experienced, and independent talent to their organization on a flexible basis. …

That’s right. A staffing firm is telling you that the industry-standard pricing model costs clients more.

Do you employ your contingent talent through staffing agencies? If so, you’re likely being charged for costs that don’t actually apply to your talent.

You’re paying based on maximum, not actual costs.

The majority of staffing companies charge clients a markup on pay rates that assumes maximum costs on the benefits they provide talent, like health insurance and paid sick leave. This is the case even though enrollment and usage are almost always less and can vary significantly from client to client. …

Daniel Perez is the President of Aquent Cloud, which provides web-based project management to creative and marketing organizations.

It is no secret that things around the office (when we all used to work in an office) slow down on Fridays. Calendars that look like Jenga™ towers Monday-Thursday suddenly have conspicuous gaps on Friday and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a person brave (or foolish) enough to schedule a meeting on Friday after 2:00 PM. But while this behavior is generally acknowledged, there is relatively little data quantifying the productivity decline, particularly in marketing & creative. …

And why we won’t be participating in it.

Nunzio Domilici, the seventh employee at Aquent, is the Chief Financial Officer and manager of all international markets.

Aquent will not be participating in the payroll tax deferral as described in the August 2020 executive order, unless guidance from the government substantially changes. The program has been poorly constructed, poorly implemented, and poorly communicated. As presently described, it is unworkable for a staffing company.

After Congress and the executive branch failed to agree on a follow-up stimulus package to replace the CARES Act, a series of executive orders were made on August 8, 2020. Major provisions of the CARES Act…

Introducing a new kind of marketing index: RoboHead 10000

Head of Marketing Joe Cordo shares why marketers, like their peers, need to rely on their own index to make better decisions, especially one that provides near real-time visibility.

Virtually every business function has a publicly available index, which informs those professionals on trends that impact how they make strategic decisions. Numerous government indexes inform CFOs about the growth of the U.S. economy. The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) is used by finance, procurement, operations, and manufacturing to determine the relative direction of the economy based on orders, inventory, supply levels, and production. …

How to bring socially responsible funds to your 401(k) plan.

Nunzio Domilici is the Chief Financial Officer and manager of all international markets.

If you have been wishing you had choices for socially responsible investing in your company’s 401(k) plan, you’re not alone. A recent Allianz Life study showed that more than half of respondents want socially conscious investment options. When it comes to 401(k) plans, though, an employee’s options are limited to the funds selected by their employer. …


Aquent is a workforce services company operating the world’s largest marketing and creative staffing firm.

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